About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate dog lovers from different countries who also love the mission of Cardano, a project with principles and great academic rigor in the blockchain that aims to generate positive global change and activate a new era of sustainable innovation to distribute around the world. We believe that Cardano can make a better world not only for human but also for animals!

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DOG Pool Mission

Dog Pool will contribute monthly part of the rewards to different canine charities and our mission is to:

  • Avoiding stray dogs being killed in the inhumane ways
  • Find sponsors for dogs so that they are to be placed in a safe shelter
  • Fundraise for vaccines, medicines and treatment ¸like surgeries, medications, post-operative accessories, food and castrations
  • Sponsor foundation that provide accommodation
  • Help our trustiest friends to find a new home

Why Choose Us?


Enjoy the Top Quality of our DOG Pool with:
- Highly secure Internet connection with LSA (ISP Grade).
- Low latency.
- 0% Margin.
- Lowest Operating Cost.


Cardano addresses have separate keys for spending and staking. This means that if you decide to stake your ADA, they will never leave your wallet or be locked in for a term, you can un-stake at any time.

Technical Expertise

The DOG POOL is managed by a group of young enthusiastic dogs lovers with IT and Engineering backgrounds


We are honest and transparent with our activities. Both technical and charity related

Our Commitment to Bare Metal and Sustainablilty

Our team strongly believes in the importance of true decentralisation of the Cardano network. That is why we choose to only use bear metal for our nodes and advocate for and provide other SPO with support to do the same. We strongly support the green concept of Cardano and have strived to reduce our carbon footprint. Our pool has an ecofriendly focus, using a multitude of recycled materials for low criticality parts such as cabinets and back-up batteries and low energy consumption of 191.66 W.

Backup Batteries 1 Backup Batteries 2 Backup Batteries 2