Our Donations

Why do we donate?

Cardano has been changing the world for the better for humans, but we feel it can also better the lives of our four pawed friends. Our pool aims to not only support the health and diversity of Cardano though our environmentally conscious bear metal stake pool, but also donating portions of our pool’s rewards to canine charities that focus on improving the lives of stray dogs.

Ukranian Refugees

St Ray's twitter post

Juntos Porlos Ceferinos SJ


Pingtung Huang’s Dog Charity (屏東黃雪媽媽狗園)

Pingtung Huang’s Dog Charity's Facebook Page

“The dog ate our homework” but for real! Hachi our team pet ripped up half of our donation receipt.

Pingtung Huang's Dog Charity 1 Pingtung Huang's Dog Charity 2 Pingtung Huang's Dog Charity 3

Our second donation

Pingtung Huang's Dog Charity 4

Rescate 4 Patitas

Pariah's Dog Charity twitter Pariah's Dog Charity 1

Pariah Dog Koh Samui